Sleeping pods in front of the ice fall
Dining room
Sleeping pods in front of the ice fall
Dining room

White Desert: a luxury and eco-friendly experience in the Antarctic

Make the dream a reality! A visit to the white continent is now possible thanks to White Desert. This unique place, home to a luxury camp and a private jet airline, offers an unforgettable vacation on the ice fields. All this coupled with a conscientious eco-friendly philosophy. Are you ready to discover a paradise on ice?

A hotel complex with a futuristic touch

In a picture-perfect setting, in the far-off region of the South Pole, White Desert first opened in 2006. The hotel complex's objective was ambitious: to introduce a handful of privileged visitors to the stunning Antarctic landscape through a custom vacation. Quite a challenge in this largely-unreachable part of the world which sees only 30,000 visitors a year, many of whom are scientists and researchers...

Wanting to preserve as much as possible this part of the hemisphere, White Desert consists of a mere 6 pods (domed fiberglass huts) which can accommodate up to 12 people. These small igloo-like lodgings enthrall once inside, with their interior designs inspired by the Victorian era. Boudoir armchairs, golden candlesticks and fake fur furnishings contrast with the minimalistic exterior, for a cozy space in which to relax after braving the extreme outdoor temperatures.

White Desert, a "zero impact" project

A combination of luxury and an environmental approach are the principles behind White Desert. The materials required for the construction of the complex are 100% natural, and the running water comes directly from the lake. The electricity and heating are fueled by the solar power generated from the Antarctic's 24-hour sunlight: "We knew that the camp's energy could be produced from the abundant natural resources of the Antarctic" the founders explain.

The flights organized by the company since 2017 are guaranteed carbon neutral, and adhere to strict ecological regulations.

An adventure-fueled experience

At the camp, there are numerous activities on offer, designed to make the most of the views, relax and also satisfy adrenaline junkies. On the program: rock climbing, trekking and caving through the region's spectacular and pristine glaciers and lakes, as well as discovering local wildlife, including Emperor penguins. Entirely tailored to guests' preferences, the one-of-a-kind experience guarantees memories to last a lifetime.

White Desert has won over many a client, including several environmentally-conscious celebrities such as Prince Harry and the British adventurer Bear Grylls.

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