View from lake
Pool area
Lake villa side view
View from lake
Pool area
Lake villa side view

Tri Lanka, an inspirational and environmentally-responsible resort in Sri Lanka

With its geometric ingenuity and striking beauty, the Tri Lanka hotel effortlessly blends its accommodation into the lush landscape of the banks of Lake Koggala. The hotel's astute architecture is the brainchild of its visionary owner and Sri Lanka devotee, Robert Drummond. Let's take a closer look at this avant-garde establishment.

Where eco-friendly meets luxury

Tri Lanka is the first hotel in Sri Lanka to combine contemporary design with ecological values. The project came into being thanks to the British businessman Robert Drummond, who had the idea of creating a small, charming hotel with a refuge-style appeal, but without any considerable environmental impact. A study of the lake's ecosystem was therefore required in order to respect the growth of local plants, animal behaviors and water quality.

After this detailed report, the dream became a reality. Tri Lanka's 11 suites were built, set out in a spiral pattern up the hill and facing the lake. Three also have their own private pools surrounded by bamboo, palm trees and frangipani shrubs – an idyllic spot to relax and enjoy the winter sun.

As for raw materials, the pavilions were constructed using local wood and granite. Inside, sandy yellow hues, light blue and white act as subtle references to the exterior environment, used alongside typically Sri Lankan furniture, carefully chosen to support local artisans. At the entrance, small Ceylon cinnamon trees – sourced from the region – provide a delicate fragrance.

A paradise for relaxation and well-being

At Tri Lanka, nature, the layout of the space, and the activities on offer all aim to stimulate both the body and mind. The hotel's infinity pool, for example, provides a moment of complete relaxation spent admiring the luscious surrounding vegetation. The glass-windowed library is also a Zen space to switch off with a good book. Not forgetting Quantum Yoga, a series of dynamic flowing exercises tailored to the individual body. As for excursions, temple visits and tea and cinnamon plantation tours can also be organized, for a vacation the combines Sri Lankan culture with spiritual respite.

Hotel Tri Lanka

Koggala Lake,
Aladuwa Watte,
Pelassa, Thitthagalle,
Ahangama 80650, Sri Lanka

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