Saint Lucia
Saint Lucia

The most beautiful Caribbean islands for a dream mid-winter vacation

Looking to inject some sunshine into your winter? Head to the Caribbean for a laid-back getaway. From Saint Lucia via Barbados and onto Dominica, here are three sumptuous islands where you can get back in touch with some much warmer weather!

Located more than 6,000km from their former mainlands in Europe and facing Central America, this myriad of beautiful islands rises up out of a pristine turquoise sea. Benefiting from year-long balmy weather, the islands' tropical climate rarely drops below 20°C, whatever the season, described poetically by locals as an "eternal summer". The most difficult decision lies in choosing which island to escape to, hence our selection of the three most enchanting examples.

Saint Lucia: the West-Indian jewel

A stone's throw from the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines archipelago, Saint Lucia fits all the criteria for a dream vacation: from idyllic beaches fronted by coconut trees and secret inlets, to luxurious vegetation, soothing waterfalls and plunging rocky peaks, this multi-faceted island is a delight to all the senses.

On an adrenaline quest? The island is home to some of the most beautiful diving spots, like the Anse Chastanet bay on the west coast. Coral reefs, turtles, seahorses and even Humpback whales are just some of the wonders to see in this treasure trove of marine life.

Barbados: Caribbean glitz

While it may have played host to pirates in the past, these days Barbados is occupied by the jet-setting elite. Luxury hotels, designer boutiques and Michelin-starred restaurants flourish on the island's west coast, welcoming both the well- and lesser-known who come for an invigorating escape. It's easy to understand why: rocked gently by the tropical breeze, this destination is picture-postcard perfect.

Barbados' charm continues far beyond its shores dotted with golden beaches. The island's towns are home to sumptuous Georgian houses, a reminder of the British colonial period, especially notable in the island's capital Bridgetown.

Dominica: where nature is sovereign

Known as the Caribbean's wildest island, Dominica emerges from the center of the archipelago like a raw diamond. This tropical paradise has lost none of its beauty over time due to its particularly rugged volcanic terrain and dense forests which have allowed certain areas to remain untouched by Man.

A real open-air garden, Dominica is best discovered on a breathtaking hike. The unmissable Morne Trois Pitons National Park, classified a UNESCO World Heritage Site, guarantees unforgettable excursions. From enclosed valleys, a bubbling lake, sharp mountain peaks and thick fern forests, this protected region takes you on a trip to the heart of Caribbean nature.

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