Ten tips for choosing your swimsuit
Ten tips for choosing your swimsuit ERES

Ten tips for choosing your swimsuit

It's official, summer is here. And each year the same questions come up: how do I choose a swimsuit? Which style is best for my body shape? Here are ten tips to help you choose the perfect one.

1. Don't trust the trends. At Eres, one mantra comes first: swim suits are timeless. Instead of following what's 'in' to a T, Eres lends itself to each woman - every body type, no matter what size and shape.

2. Choose the right day. Come to the boutique on a day when you're riding high on confidence! Rub on some tanning cream and drop by when you're not stressed. The better mood you're in, the better choice you'll make!

3. Bring a plus one. There's nothing like a friend to be your second eye. Ask someone you always trust. They'll give you some precious advice to help you make the best choice.

4. Try on multiple suits. You'll need to give a few suits a chance before you find the right match. Take your time; pick a few different models and colors to experiment with. This way, you'll see which style you like best.

5. Forget all the preconceptions: a bikini is divine on a curvy woman! If you really want a shapewear bottom, go for it. Just be careful the waist isn't too high to leave yourself some breathing room.

6. Think beach. Not feeling the mood of the changing room? Imagine yourself on the beach! Picture yourself basking on the sand on the other side of the world. Problem solved.

7. Know your body. A generous bust will look best in a curved halter top that gives a plunging effect. For a smaller bust, a suit that's gathered around the chest is ideal to create more volume.

8. Accentuate your assets. Shorter legs and flatter buttocks can be boosted by a low waist bathing suit bottom with ruching at the back. A one-piece with topstitching will contour your curves and hug the fullness of your silhouettes.

9. Don't judge a suit by your skin tone. There are no rules about the color of your complexion, so go with your individual style. Whether it's bright and bold or pastel, stick with your own personal taste. You're the only one who'll wear it on the beach!

10. Keep cool. Trying on bathing suits can be long, but don't let it get you down! Think about your next holiday, and the future bliss on the beach.

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