Tropical island
Tropical island Getty/Hypergul/Webedia

Tasmania, as seen by Kara Rosenlund

Always on the hunt for inspiration and exquisite destinations to visit, our editors have scoured Instagram for the internet's most beautiful photos. This month, they've fallen head over heels for Kara Rosenlund's escapades in Tasmania.

A small island state belonging to Australia, Tasmania is situated 250 kilometers to the south of the continent, separated by the Bass Strait. The island's geographical position is the reason for the wild landscape that gives Tasmania its unique character: perfectly-aligned cliffs, white beaches, immense valleys and the majestic peaks of the Cradle Mountains. Alongside this towering mountain range, a multitude of lakes and their rivers harbor cozy bungalows, whose terraces offer breathtaking views. Perfect for gazing across the water, snuggled in a warm blanket, under the glow of candles and a wood fire...

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