Tropical island
Tropical island Getty/Hypergul/Webedia

French Polynesia as seen by Doyoutravel

Always on the hunt for inspiration and exquisite destinations to visit, our editors have scoured Instagram for the internet's most beautiful photos. This month, they've fallen head over heels for a visit to French Polynesia with Doyoutravel.

Today we're drifting off into the blue dream that is French Polynesia, thanks to this stunning photo. Far out in the South Pacific Ocean, more than 15,000km from its motherland, this series of islands and archipelagos is ideal for island hopping over the crystal-clear waters where exotic fish and multicolored coral thrive. In Bora Bora, for example, accompanied visitors can swim with Manta rays and Blacktip reef sharks for an unforgettable underwater experience. Whether onboard or bobbing in the waves, it's impossible not to be won over by the sea's turquoise color palette, its gentle lapping like music to the ears.

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