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A close-up on Caroline de Maigret: an iconic Eres girl

Model, producer, author and photographer, Caroline de Maigret wears many hats, and each to perfection! In 2016 she embodied the Eres woman in a series of videos, a sign of her close relationship with the brand. The belle Parisienne tells her story...

A model career

At the age of 20, while studying Modern Literature at the Sorbonne University, Caroline de Maigret also embarked upon her modeling career. "I did some test shoots in Paris, then I was sent to New York for a photo shoot with Mario Testino for Glamour" she explains in an article for the fashion blog Café Mode in September 2013. Her future was set. In 1998, she walked the runway for Karl Lagerfeld who inevitably fell for Caroline's unique charm and beauty.

Ever since, the stunning Frenchwoman has shared a strong bond with Chanel, becoming a brand ambassador and spokeswoman for the company. She would even become the Editor-in-Chief of the lifestyle platform CdMdiary, launched in partnership with Chanel, where she shares, not only her favorite places, cultural hot-spots and fashion tips, but also insights from backstage at runway shows. Basically, everything she's passionate about!

Her favorite Eres pieces

The daughter of swimming champion Isabelle Poniatowski, it seems like Caroline was destined to work with Eres, who she first discovered at 15: "My first ERES bathing suit [...] was a white two-piece, where the bikini pants looked like a miniskirt from the front. I wore it to death! I'd dreamed of having one; I always thought that the girls who wore ERES bathing suits looked liked spies right out of a James Bond scene: strong and elegant women. They still do, in my opinion."

For many years now, the Cassiopée one-piece has been Caroline's favorite swimsuit : "It's been a long love affair. It hugs the curves of my body that I want to emphasize, and hides those I don't. It's strapless, which means I don't get tan lines and, most importantly, it's incredibly elegant. I've never felt the same in any other swimsuit. I take great care of garments I love, out of fear they'll go out of production one day."

Caroline De Maigret in Cassiopée
Caroline De Maigret in Cassiopée

A humble nature, captured on film

This strong connection with Eres was sealed forever by a moving short film released in 2016, which focuses on that moment that all (or nearly all) women dread: having to get up from the deckchair and go for a swim. Caroline talks about this familiar situation on her YouTube channel: "I'm not very sporty, and I accept my body just the way it is. But I have to admit that, on vacation, all that changes. I'm suddenly a lot more aware of my flaws, and obviously I compare myself with the images of 18-year-old girls with perfect bodies that we see in magazines."

An atypical beauty (in her own words!), with a kind nature and offbeat humor, Caroline de Maigret is a constant source of inspiration.

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